More money goes to rehabilitation of township roads in Chipata barely five years after being tarred.

Fifteen point six kilometres of township roads in Chipata will be rehabilitated at a cost of 89 million Kwacha rebased.

This follows the signing of a contract between Chipata Municipal Council and Sable Construction Company.

Public Relations Officer, Taonga Kaonga says that the contract whose mobilation is expected to start next week, will last for 18 months.

Ms. Kaonga says that the works will include construction of new drainages, stone pitching, pavement construction as well as street lightning.

And Sable construction Company Manager, Wilson Machirori says that the quality of works that will be done is expected to last for ten years because the roads will be covered with what he termed as Asphalt layer.

Mr. Machirori says the biggest challenge that has been making most roads to develop potholes within a short period of time after construction is the heavy trucks.

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