More than 10 stray dogs killed in Chipata.

The Veterinary Department in Chipata has gunned down more than ten stray dogs from the time the exercise started last week.

District Veterinary Officer, David Mweemba told Breeze News that this is in an effort to control rabies and reduce on dog bites in the district.

Dr. Mweemba says the officers are targeting dumping sites where stray dogs feed from to shoot them from around 04 hours to 08 hours in the morning.

He explained that Chipata district has a dog population of about 25 thousand of which some of them are not registered.

Dr. Mweemba says that the department decided to take advantage of this cold season as it is the breeding period for dogs.

Dr. Mweemba says the department will engage other stakeholders in identifying dogs that are not registered so that they are eliminated in the next phase.

He urged dog owners to secure their pets and ensure they take them for vaccination to prevent rabies.

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