More than 2000 jobs created for people of Luapula Province.

President Michael Sata says his government has continued to create more jobs through the on-going construction of roads in the country.


As of December last year, the President says a total of 2,224 jobs were created in Luapula province during the on-going construction works of 1,919 kilometres of roads.


According to President Michael Sata’s latest Facebook posting, the head of state also says that the 1,919 kilometre road works in Luapula are being constructed at a total cost of 1.8 billion Kwacha.


And President Sata has given a breakdown at which levels of construction each of the ten projects has reached in Luapula province.

He says that the upgrading of the Pedicle road to Bituminous Standard is at 28 per- cent progress while the periodic maintenance of approximately 91 kilometre of road from Mansa to Chembe is at 91 per-cent progress.

He says the rehabilitation of the Kawambwa-Mushota-Luwingu road and the Chisembe-Chibote-Chief Chama road is at 12 per-cent progress.

The President has added that the construction of the 175 kilometre Mansa-Luwingu works is at 14 per-cent progress while the rehabilitation of 238 kilometres of Mansa feeder roads is at 30 per-cent progress.

The Head of state says that the construction of roads is aimed at establishing an enabling investment climate in order to attract foreign direct investment, stimulate local investments and create jobs.

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