More than 60 people buying land in Chipata swindled out of their money

Some unscrupulous people in Chipata are impersonating council workers and selling land to residents at 50 Kwacha.
A good number of Chipata residents have fallen victim to these people who have swindled them out of their money.
The residents who spoke on condition of anonymity told Breeze News that the scam was unearthed when they started building on the land and discovered that it belonged to a lot of people.
They residents discovered that more than 60 people were sold the same piece of land in Aslot area and a land near Msekera turnoff.
When contacted for a comment, Chipata Municipal Council Town Clerk, Davies Musenge denied being involved in the sale of land at 50 Kwacha.
Mr. Musenge however, acknowledged receiving complaints from people that were sold land in the two mentioned areas.

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