More than 7 million Zambians must vote in the national Referendum.

About 7.5 million Zambians must vote, for the Referendum on the enhanced Bill of Rights to be a success.

Senior Parliamentary Counsel in the Ministry of Justice, Kelvin Mweemba revealed this during a radio programme on Breeze FM this morning.

Mr. Mweemba further says that more than 51 per cent of the 7.5 million people must vote Yes to the proposed Bill of Rights, for the referendum to go through.

He explained that according to CSO, Central Statistical Office, Zambia has an estimated population of 15 million people.

Mr. Mweemba says that of these 15 million Zambians, the projection is that by June 30, 2016, there are about 7.5 million people who are above the age of 18 and eligible to participate in the referendum.

And speaking during the same programme, Chief Parliamentary Counsel, Andrew Nkunika says that CSO has been empowered by law to use statistical figures of 2010 and come up with an estimated population of Zambia.

He was clarifying on a matter where some Zambians have questioned why a census for the referendum has not been held to establish how many people are supposed to participate.

Meanwhile Governance Specialist in the Ministry of Justice, Abraham Miti says that the proposed Bill of Rights do not in any way promote same sex marriage.

Mr. Miti further explained that the proposed Bill of Rights is important because it allows citizens to sue the state if they feel that it is not fulfilling its mandate.

And Examiner and Estates Officer, Busiku Kapanda says the proposed Bill of rights has added rights, like access to information on an issue of public nature and freedom of the media.


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