More than six pupils sent home for using phones at school

More than six pupils at Katete Girls Secondary School have been given transfers after being implicated in an issue concerning possession and use of a phone while in school.

The move has however, sparked complaints from parents of the affected pupils, who have accused school management of being unfair.

One of the parents, Due Phiri told Breeze News, that some of the affected pupils were innocent and should not have been punished harshly.

Mr. Phiri accused the administration of being insensitive as they also chased the pupils from school without giving them money to travel back to their homes.

He has appealed to government to intervene in the matter, stating that the hash disciplinary action will destroy the future of the pupils, who should have been given a lesser punishment since 6 of the affected pupils are in grade 12.

But Katete Girls Secondary School Head teacher, Titus Mbewe says that rules over the use of phones while at school are clear that any pupil who possesses or uses a phone will be given a forced transfer.

Mr. Mbewe says that all parents, who have pupils at the school, are well aware of these rules because they even signed agreements with the school administration.

He however, denied the complaint that the school administration bundled the affected pupils in a school mini-bus and dumped them at the bus station without giving them transport money to go back home.

Meanwhile the District Education Board Secretary’s office in Katete says it is not aware of the matter but will investigate to establish the truth.

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