More Zambians continue to mourn President Michael Sata who died on Tuesday night.

The Grand Coalition on the People Driven Constitution Making Process in Eastern Province says it has received President Michael Sata’s demise with grief.

In a statement made available to Breeze News, Provincial Grand Coalition Chairperson, Maxson Nkhoma has also expressed his Heartfelt Condolences to the first family, the Patriotic Front Party and the People of Zambia for the untimely loss of the president.

Mr Nkhoma says it is regrettable that Zambia has lost one of the most hard working and Patriotic Zambian who dedicated his entire life working for a common good of Society as witnessed by various Leadership Positions, which he held before ascending to the Presidency on 20th September 2011.

He says the death of President Sata has robbed the Country of a visionary Political Leader whom Zambians would have loved to complete his term of office.

And Mr Nkhoma has expressed sadness that the death of the President has continued to expose how defective the current Constitution is to handle Governance issues relating to who should take over power when the sitting President dies.

He says the current Constitution calls for Presidential Election to be held within 90 Days, at a very huge cost.

Mr. Nkhoma says that this could be easily avoided by enacting a new Constitution which allows the Vice President to take over the Office of the President and Save until the end of the term.

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