Mortuary problem hits Mambwe district

A problem of lack of a well-functioning mortuary has hit Mambwe district forcing people to quickly bury their dead relatives.

This has angered some residents in the district, who have appealed to government to quickly address the situation.

Speaking to Breeze News, one of the residents, Edward Chulu says that the only mortuary in the district at Kamoto Mission Hospital broke down last year in September and has not been repaired.

Mr. Chulu complained that people are forced to quickly bury their relatives, a situation which is unacceptable especially that burial for some funerals has to wait for relatives, who stay in other parts of the country.

And Mambwe District Commissioner, Caroline Mwanza admitted that the mortuary at Kamoto Mission Hospital is on and off because it is old.

Ms. Mwanza however, indicated that the mortuary is currently working contrary to claims by Mr. Chulu that it is not working.

She says that government is doing everything possible to normalize the situation so that it can have a new mortuary, which can properly service the people.

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