Most women withdraw from contesting August 11 general elections

Most women aspiring for various political positions in the August 11th general elections in Chipata are withdrawing from the race.

Chipata District Women’s Lobby Chairperson, Diana Tonga told Breeze News that this is because most popular political parties are preferring to adopt male candidates than women candidates.

Ms. Tonga added that some women have complained that they will not manage to raise funds to pay ECZ, the Electoral Commission of Zambia once they are adopted for them to stand as Members of Parliament and councillors because the amounts are too high.

Ms. Tonga says the 5,000 Kwacha for councillors and 10 thousand Kwacha for members of parliament is too much for some women to afford if they have no one to support them.

She says this has resulted in most women withdrawing from the race.

Ms. Tonga says the 40 percent women representation in parliament that President Edgar Lungu talked about may not be attained if most women decide to completely withdraw from aspiring to contest.

The Women’s Lobby Group district chairperson has urged political parties to ensure that they adopt women as well so that the country has an equal representation of women and men in parliament.

She also urged women to continue aspiring for leadership positions because they too make good leaders.

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