Motorists to display proof of insurance on window screens starting January 1st 2016.

All motorists will be expected to display proof of insurance on their vehicle windscreens starting January 1st 2016.
This is in compliance with Statutory Instrument No. 33 of the Road Traffic Display Regulations of 2015.
Insurers Association of Zambia IAZ Executive Director, Christabel Banda has confirmed to Breeze News in a press statement.
Ms Banda says that the SI is expected to assist in reducing the number of uninsured vehicles on the Zambian roads, which according to IAZ where in excess of 60 per cent.
And IAZ President Shipango Muteto says that the insurance industry is ready to ensure that the provisions for the SI are implemented smoothly.
Mr. Muteto says that there will be only two authorized insurance discs in circulation effective 1st January 2016, to ensure ease of enforcement by law enforcers.
He explains that all the 21 General Insurance companies will only be issuing one of the two discs.
The new provision will ensure that victims of accidents are guaranteed of financial compensation up to the prescribed limits, thereby saving them time and costs when pursing compensation from an individual, which may or may not yield any positive results.

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