Movement for Multi- Party Democracy President, Nevers Mumba accuses Patriotic Front Party of bribing MMD councillors.

The MMD, Movement for Multi- Party Democracy has told its councillors in Lundazi to be careful as the PF, Patriotic Front Party is planning to buy them at one thousand five hundred Kwacha each.
Party President, Dr. Nevers Mumba says the ruling PF is now targeting MMD councillors to be recruited to destabilise the former ruling party.
Dr. Mumba challenged MMD councillors to be mindful before defecting to the ruling party and consider women, who sacrificed their time to give them a vote on the MMD ticket.
The opposition leader told the civic leaders to immediately report to the party leadership when their colleague makes a decision to ditch the party because of the money.
He also challenged MMD councillors to remain firm as the former ruling party will bounce back to power in 2016.
Dr. Mumba explained that the PF was capable of losing the 2016 elections because of the numerous mistakes it is making in government, which he says has also confused the devil.
Meanwhile PF, Patriotic Front Party Provincial Chairperson, Mike Tembo has dismissed claims by the MMD leader that it is bribing councillors.
Mr. Tembo says PF does not have such money to waste adding that the ruling party was currently leaping in funding political campaigns.
He says that Dr. Mumba should cancel his countrywide tour if he does not have real issues to tell MMD members.

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