MPs from Eastern Province challenged

Members of Parliament from Eastern Province have been challenged to state why they should be voted back into parliament on August 11.

Former Eastern Fodya Association of Zambia EFAZ Vice Provincial Chairperson, Chishala Chilufya says that there is very little contribution which the MPs have made to the growth of Eastern Province.

Speaking to Breeze News, Mr Chilufya expressed shock that despite Eastern Province going through an economic down turn, none of the MPs has seriously addressed the matter.

He observed that the tobacco and cotton industries, which were performing well in the past few years, are going down and MPs are quiet.

Mr Chilufya says that MPs need to understand that apart from facilitating development in their constituencies, they have a responsibility of ensuring that the region’s economy thrives.

He says that most of the MPs have no moral right to seek re-election because they are only interested in personal gain instead of economic contribution.

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