MPs warned against manipulating constitution

Members of Parliament have been warned against manipulating the national constitution to satisfy their own selfish interests.

Caritas Chipata says that while it welcomes parliaments’ decision to pass a motion to amend the constitution, this must be done with wide consultation.

Programmes Officer, John Muthaziko Zulu told Breeze News that proposals such as reintroducing deputy ministers and allowing MPs to be part of councils will not be tolerated.

Mr. Zulu says that government has reduced expenditure by doing away with deputy ministers while MPs should not be allowed in councils because they were overriding decisions made by councillors.

And Foundation for Democratic Process FODEP in Eastern Province has welcomed the passing of a motion to amend the constitution.

Provincial Chairperson Eunice Mwenge says this is a better process than going back to holding another referendum on the Bill of Rights.

Ms. Mwenge told Breeze News that MPs should be allowed to make the necessary amendments to the constitution since they represent Zambians.

She however, emphasized that amendments that will be made by parliament should be true reflection of what Zambians want and not MPs.

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