NAPSA compliance level at 80 per cent in Chipata

Compliance levels to NAPSA, National Pension Scheme Authority contributions in Chipata currently stands at about 80 per cent.
NAPSA Area Manager, Elija Mahamba however, says that this is not good enough and has warned to prosecute companies which are defaulting.
Speaking to Breeze News, Mr. Mahamba also advised workers to be up to date in checking NAPSA contributions, which are deducted from their salaries.
He explained that deducting the contributions from salaries does not simply mean that companies are remitting the money to NAPSA.
Mr. Mahamba says that it is unfortunate that some workers only discover that their employer was not remitting contributions to NAPSA when they leave employment.
And Mr. Mahamba says that NAPSA has embarked on a programme to educate people on the importance of making contributions.
He pointed out that there are people that think that making contributions to NAPSA, is a waste of money.

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