NAREP launches an initiative meant to assist the vulnerable people with donated clothes.

National Restoration Party NAREP has launched ‘clothes for change’ initiative which will target the less privileged in rural areas.

NAREP President Elias Chipimo says the party is committed to issuing passed politics of ensuring that people’s needs are identified and addressed as this is the only way of empowering the marginalized.

He has called for comprehensive contribution from all stakeholders to come on board and donate any clothes and other things they feel are no longer of use to them in order to reduce the vulnerability gap.

Meanwhile, Mr. Chipimo says people in leadership should be wary of how they conduct themselves in every aspect as this has a direct and indirect bearing on the lives of every Zambian.

He says the country is facing many challenges which needs action oriented leaders to tackle it bearing in mind that every Zambian is entitled to a quality and sustainable life.

The NAREP President says rights of every Zambian should be promoted through policy based approach to leadership which is every voter’s expectation.

He has urged all church mother bodies to take a bold stance and help restore the much needed peace through prayer to promote peace and stability in the ruling party which is currently going through a lot of leadership uncertainties.

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