NCZ delivers over 14,000 tons of fertilizer

The Nitrogen Chemicals of Zambia, NCZ has delivered slightly over 14 thousand tons of fertilizer under FISP, the Framer Input Support Program, to none electronic voucher districts in Eastern Province.

NCZ Marketing Manager, Evans Mupeta confirmed to Breeze News that this is out of 16, 208 tons expected in the 2016/2017 farming season.

Mr. Mupeta says NCZ still has a balance of about 1, 785 tons of fertilizer to be delivered.

He mentioned the districts that are still receiving fertilizer as Lundazi and Vubwi while Chadiza, Mambwe, Nyimba and Sinda have all received the required Basal and Top dressing fertilizer.

Mr. Mupeta says NCZ will soon complete delivering the inputs to Lundazi and Vubwi adding that the only challenge with the two districts is lack of storage space.

He says that part of the consignment of fertilizer that is to be delivered to Vubwi and Lundazi is being kept in Chipata.

Meanwhile, Chipata, Katete and Petauke districts will not be supplied fertilizer by NCZ because they are under the E-Voucher system whose suppliers are Agro-dealers.

E-Voucher is a system that allows farmers to access farming inputs from agro-dealers using an electronic card.

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