Breeze Staff Organise Unesco workshop

UNESCO with funding from the SIDA is executing a three year project called Empowering local radios with ICTs. The project is being executed in 5 five radio stations located in Zambia.

The radio stations are Breeze FM in Chipata, Zambezi FM in Livingstone, Radio Lyambai in Mongu, Mkushi Community Radio in Mkushi and Iso-Community Radio in Isoka.

During the first week of Apil, 2014 Breeze FM facilitated a workshop for News Correspondents from the five radio stations, which was held in Lusaka.

The workshop was aimed at giving participants the knowledge required for reporting from the community to produce stories that meet the needs of the communities.

The workshop was facilitated by two Breeze trainers, Samuel Ndhlovu and Martin Mwape.

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