Budget Tracking Through Radio Programme

Breeze FM has signed a contract with Hivos Southern Africa for a three year project which seeks to create a platform on which ordinary people can participate in the monitoring of how provincial government is implementing projects and utilizing budgetary resources in the Eastern Province of Zambia.

 The project, which will run from 2013 to 2015, will seek to provide a regular platform to government officials to explain to the public what projects are being undertaken each budgetary year and how they are being implemented.

 Provincial government officials will appear on a weekly live phone-in discussion programme dubbed ‘’Budget Tracking Through Radio Programme’. 

The station will also give voice to the public by undertaking community and district visits. Members of the public will largely be requested to talk about how government projects carried out during each budgetary year are implemented in their areas.

The station will also collect and broadcast news items and produce radio programmes on observations made by the station reporters and producers, members of the public.

The overall goals of the project are to enable government to explain how provincial resources are allocated and utilized and to encourage members of the public to participate in the process of tracking and monitoring the implementation of the government budget.

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