Ngonis and Chewas almost clash during World Toilet Day in Chadiza

Confusion erupted between Ngoni and Chewa Nyau dancers during the commemoration of the World Toilet Day at Alekeni Village in Chief Maguya’s area.
The confusion started when Chadiza District Commissioner, George Phiri, chiefs Maguya, Mlolo, Zingalume and Mwangala were asked to inspect the toilets in Alekeni village.
Breeze FM Correspondent Christopher Banda reports that the two dance groups argued on who was to take the stage to entertain the audience.
The Nyau dancers quickly rushed to the stage, a situation which angered the Ngonis who also took the stage and started commanding the Chewas to move away because Alekeni village is in Ngoni land.
It took police officers some time to calm the situation.
Eventually Nyau dancers moved away from the arena and continued with their dance a few metres away.
Both Chiefs Zingalume and Maguya could not be reached for a comment on the matter.
Alekeni village is in Chief Maguya’s area but administered under Chadiza.
This is not the first time that the two tribes in the two areas have differed as they have previously disagreed over land.
A similar incident happened during the opening of John Clinic in Chadiza area which is also under Chief Maguya.

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