No official invitation for opposition political party leaders at this year Nc’wala Ceremony of the Ngoni people.

The United Party for National Development, UPND is unhappy with the decision taken by the Nc’wala Ceremony Organising Committee not to invite opposition political leaders.
UPND Deputy Publicity Secretary, Victor Mbuzi, says it is wrong for Nc’wala Ceremony Organising Committee Secretary, George Zulu to block opposition leaders from attending the traditional ceremony for the Ngoni people.
Mr. Mbuzi says Nc’wala is supposed to be attended by people from all walks of life including the opposition political parties.
He has charged that Mr. Zulu who is also Energy Permanent Secretary is trying to politicise the annual event by ensuring that only government officials attend the ceremony.
But when contacted for comment, Mr. Zulu said that the organising committee has decided not to officially invite opposition political party leaders because they are too many, which might provide a challenge in the sitting arrangement.
He denied allegation that he has politicised the traditional ceremony, stating that everyone is welcome to attend the event including oppositional political party leaders but not as official guests.
Mr. Zulu also reminded those that want to attend the ceremony that political attire will not be allowed.

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