No television blackout as Zambia starts to switch from analogue to digital

Government has dismissed reports that there will be a television signal blackout on June 17 when the country switches from analogue to digital.
Director of Planning and Information, Beaton Kaluba says that the migration from analogue to digital will be done in a gradual manner.
Mr. Kaluba has explained that on June 17, the new digital broadcasting system will be introduced but will run alongside the analogue broadcasting.
He says that after switching on the digital system, television viewers will be given six months in which to buy new decoders for their television sets after which analogue transmitters will be switched off.
Mr. Kaluba further explained that television viewers on the line of rail will be the first to view television in digital format since installation of transmitters has already been done under the first phase.
And Mr. Kaluba says that government has so far spent 9.5 million US dollars in installing new digital transmitters along the line of rail.

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