None formation of WDCs in Chipata affects projects

None formation of Ward Development Committees WDCs in 21 wards in Chipata district is hampering developmental projects.

Speaking during the Voice radio Programme on the roles of WDCs today, Chipata Central Constituency CDF chairperson Philemon Mwale, WDC Kapata Ward Vice Chairperson Levison Mwanza and Mchenga Branch Chairperson Benson Phiri said development is lacking in most wards because there are no WDCs.

The trio says the role of WDCs is to link the community to the councilor and local authority in a given district for the implementation of community initiated developmental projects.

They say that it is sad that Chipata City Council has only one WDC in Kapata ward in Chipata Central Constituency which is functioning while the other 21 wards have no WDCs.

Mr. Mwale, Mr. Mwanza and Mr. Phiri said that Chipata City Council had indicated that it had no money to conduct the elections of WDCs adding that 13 thousand kwacha is what is needed to hold elections per ward.

And Chipata Central Constituency CDF chairperson Philemon Mwale says government has in the past three years not released CDF and that the local authority should now start using its own money to address project challenges people are facing.

Mr. Mwale, who was referring to the problem of the stream that the people of Mtilansembe have, says that Chipata City Council should have used its resources to block culverts to avert water that is spilling into people’s houses.

And Mr. Mwale has supported the people who are not aware of the existence of the ward development committees in their areas.

He says people have no information of their existence and when these committees are supposed to be formed or members elected into offices.

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