Nsenga people say Paramount Chief Kalonga Gawa Undi has no authority over them

The Nsenga Royal Establishment says that Paramount Chief Kalonga Gawa Undi has not right in the affairs of the Nsenga people.
This is in reaction to Gawa Undi’s statement during the Kulamba ceremony held last Saturday, that he was disappointed with the manner in which government has handled the chieftainship of Senior Chief Kalindawalo.

Chief Kalindawalo’s Senior Induna, Justin Pembere Mumba says that he wants to put it on record that there is no traceable historical link between the Nsengas and the Chewas
He says that there is a marked difference in the language, traditional practices and culture between the Nsengas and Chewas.
Mr. Mumba says the Supreme Court Judgment referred to by Paramount Chief Gawa Undi during the Kulamba traditional ceremony over the weekend, has been misinterpreted to deliberately mislead the nation.
He says that the Supreme Court Judgment has been superseded by the recent judgment which ordered the Chewas not to meddle into Nsenga affairs.
Mr. Mumba says that the issue of Senior Chief Kalindawalo’s throne is long settled and therefore, it is not open to further discussion.
He has advised Chief Gawa Undi to direct his effort to the many problems the Chewa people are facing in his domain.
Speaking through his spokesperson David Phiri, the Chewa Paramount Chief wondered why government disregarded the Supreme Court ruling and went ahead to recognize someone who lost his claim to the Chief Kalindawalo position in court.

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