Number Social Cash Transfer Scheme beneficiaries increased in Eastern Province

Government has increased the number of beneficiaries of the Social Cash Transfer Scheme from 26,000 to 28,900 households this year in Eastern Province.
Provincial Social Welfare Officer, Mulemba Kaleyi confirmed this to Breeze News.
Ms. Kaleyi says this follows the inclusion of Lundazi and Vubwi districts on the scheme.
Ms. Kaleyi added that the number of households for beneficiaries has also increased with an addition of 1,000 new households in Chipata and Petauke districts.
She explained that the households for differently abled people are given 280 Kwacha while an able bodied person’s household gets 140 Kwacha.
Ms. Kaleyi however, says Chadiza and Nyimba districts are not yet on the Social Cash Transfer Scheme adding government is working hard to ensure that all districts in the province are included.

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