Officers engaged in the National Registration exercise to pocket 45,000 Kwacha at the end of 90 days.

Officers recruited in the 90 days National Registration Card exercise are expected to be paid 45,000 Kwacha each by the end of the exercise.
But Provincial Permanent Secretary, Chanda Kasolo could neither confirm nor deny the huge payments to the officers.
Mr. Kasolo told Breeze News that whatever money the officers are going to be paid is their own private matter.
He explained that money that has been pumped into the mobile National Registration exercise whether little or big is meant to fulfill a constitutional requirement.
Mr. Kasolo says that the National Registration exercise is a constitutional requirement and government has a mandate to pump in money to ensure that every Zambian that has attained the age of 16 obtains an NRC.
Phase two of the National Registration exercise which covers Eastern, Lusaka, Southern and Western Provinces will gobble a total of 54 million Kwacha.

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