Over 10,000 bags of fertilizer under FISP delivered to Chadiza district

Chadiza District has received 10,077 by 50 Kilogramme bags of fertilizer under FISP, the Farmer Input Support Programme through NCZ, the Nitrogen Chemicals of Zambia.

Chadiza District Commissioner, George Phiri has confirmed stating that this is from a total of 49,924 bags allocated to the district.

The District Commissioner stated that workers have already started off loading bags from trucks carrying fertilizer in preparation for the 2016/2017 farming season adding that more trucks will be reaching the district.

Mr Phiri emphasized that government is working efficiently to provide fertilizer that will carter for all farmers and avoid complaints.

The District Commissioner advised the farmers in Chadiza District not to panic as the government is ahead of schedule in carrying out its activities.

He explained that the allocation for 2016-2017 farming season has increased compared to last farming season when it was allocated is 31,020 bags of fertilizer.

He further explained that the District has a carryover of 1,400 by 50Kgs bags of fertilizer from the 2015/2016 farming season.

Meanwhile the Ministry of Agriculture in Chadiza district is happy that the inputs have started arriving early.

Chadiza District Agriculture Coordinator DACO Kabange Masenga says that the early arrival means that farmers will get the inputs early.

Mr Masenga stressed that more bags of Compound ‘D’ fertilizer, Urea, seeds and other farming inputs are expected to arrive in the district soon.

He urged the farmers to quickly access the inputs as government has already shown much commitment to the farming sector in Chadiza District.

And NCZ Chadiza District Depot Manager, Frank Chama says government is taking adequate measures to ensure that all the necessary inputs that are required by the farmers are provided at the right time to ensure efficiency and increased productivity.

Mr Chama explained that the distribution of fertilizer to the farmers will take place as soon as farmers pay their financial contribution towards the pack.


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