Over 11,000 farmers left out of FISP in Chadiza

About 11,200 farmers in Chadiza district will this year not benefit from FISP, the Farmer Input Support programme under the new e-voucher system.

This is due to the reduction in the number of packs allocated to the district this year.
Chadiza District Agriculture Coordinator DACO Kabange Masenga, told Breeze News that 14,710 farmers will benefit from the FISP programme in the district.

Mr. Masenga said that last year, a total of 25,910 packs were allocated to the district, of which 22,100 were for maize, 2,660 for groundnuts and 1,150 for cotton.
He said that the conditions are still the same except that this year, farmers will receive inputs through the e-voucher system.
Mr. Masenga advised farmers to follow the laid down procedures in their cooperatives and clubs in order to have their names captured in the e-voucher system.



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