Over 13.8 million Kwacha paid to farmers in Eastern Province.

Government has paid slightly over 13.8 million Kwacha to farmers who sold their maize to FRA, the Food Reserve Agency in Eastern Province.
Provincial Agricultural Coordinator, Obvious Kabinda confirmed this to Breeze News.
Dr. Kabinda says that 6.3 million Kwacha has been paid to farmers in Eastern A which consist of Chama, Chadiza, Chipata, Lundazi Mambwe and Vubwi districts.
He added that 7.5 million Kwacha has been paid to farmers in Eastern B, which consist of Katete, Nyimba, Petauke and Sinda districts.
Dr. Kabinda reiterated that the province is targeting to buy 890, 906 by 50 kilogram bags of maize from farmers, at a total cost of 66.8 million Kwacha this year.
He says that all farmers, who will sale their maize to FRA will get paid on a first come first serve basis as those that sold their maize early will be the ones to get the money first.
The PACO has urged farmers not to rush into going to the Banks until they verify their payment details at their respective depots and FRA officers.

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