Over 150 pupils are receiving education support

Over 150 pupils are benefiting from scholarships offered by project Luangwa in Mambwe district.

Project Luangwa Director Dave Hopson says the scholarships are given to vulnerable children both at secondary and tertiary levels of their education.

He says that this is a way of ploughing back to the community by lodges that operate in Mfuwe.

Mr. Hopson told Breeze News that it is the pride of the organisation to see pupils whom they have offered scholarships in the past excelling and contributing to the development of the nation.

He however, expressed disappointment at what he described as indirect discrimination of some blind students by the banks.

Mr. Hopson said banks charge the blind students a service charge when they go to withdraw money from inside the bank since they cannot use ATMs, Automated Teller Machines.

He says this trend results in shortages of tuition fees for the blind students since the scholarships are in fixed amounts depending on the institution they go to.

And one of the beneficiaries of the scholarships Gerald Njobvu, who is graduating this year in November at Nkrumah University, called on parents with disabled children to take them to school.

He says disability is not inability because the disabled are also an equal partner in national development.

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