Over 200 tonnes of tobacco bought from stranded farmers

About Two hundred tonnes of Tobacco has been bought from independent farmers from the time the market opened in Eastern Province.

Eastern Fodya Association of Zambia EFAZ Chairperson Franklyn Mwale confirmed this in an interview with Breeze News.

Mr. Mwale says that TBZ has so far managed to buy two hundred tonnes of tobacco at both Chipata Main and Lundazi Floors.

He says that due to inadequate space at the floors, TBZ has started the process of emptying both floors in order to accommodate more tobacco that is still coming from independent farmers.

Mr. Mwale says despite the official closing date for the market being September 30th , they will make sure that all the farmers sell their produce by the end of August in order to allow them prepare for the next farming season.

The EFAZ Chairperson has assured the farmers that all the tobacco will be bought and TBZ will reach the target of buying 600 tonnes of tobacco from the farmers in the province.

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