Over 2,000 metric tonnes of relief maize distributed in Eastern Province this year.

About 2,200 metric tonnes of relief maize has been distributed to hunger stricken areas from January this year in Eastern Province.
Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit DMMU Regional Coordinator Ingribet Bondo confirmed to Breeze News.
Mr. Bondo says the exercise is on-going and five districts, which are Nyimba, Petauke, Sinda, Mambwe and Vubwi have been allocated with new consignments, which are ready for distribution.
Mr Bondo explained that Nyimba District was in January and February given 205.75 tonnes of maize adding that another 205 tonnes is currently being distributed in the district.
He says 186 tonnes of relief food has been distributed to Petauke district and another 250 tonnes is still being distributed.
Mr Bondo mentioned that 200 tonnes of maize have been distributed to Sinda District and another 86 tonnes is still under distribution.
He added that in Vubwi District, 130.75 tonnes of maize have been distributed this year and another distribution of 130.75 tonnes is underway.

Mr Bondo also stated that 117 tonnes was distributed in Mambwe District and another allocation of 367 tonnes is still being kept in the FRA, Food Reserve Agency sheds in Chipata waiting to be distributed.
Meanwhile, Mr. Bondo refuted reports that Ward Development Committees have been engaged to distribute relief maize under the food for work programme in the four wards of Chipata.
Mr. Bondo clarified that World Vision is the one conducting the distribution on behalf of DMMU and are following the guidelines where 20 per cent of the maize is given for free and 80 per cent for work.

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