Over 2,000 people treated for different ailments at Mwami hospital

Over 2,500 patients with different ailments have been treated by medical experts from the United States of America, who were carrying out an outreach programme at Mwami Seventh Day Adventist Hospital in Chipata district.

The 74 volunteers from the White Memorial Adventist Mission of
California also provided medical care to 75 patients with major surgeries and to 80 with minor surgeries.

Medical Mission Coordinator Esther Ong said 200 people had tooth extraction and 100 had cataract removal.

She also noted that a number of women in sexual active age groups underwent cervical and breast cancer screening, adding that education on hygiene and nutrition was also conducted among girls and mothers in the area.

She further disclosed that three boreholes were drilled by the volunteers in three villages surrounding Mwami Mission Hospital.

Dr. Ong noted that inadequate access to health services, poor
nutrition and hygiene are contributing to ill health among people in Zambia.

She noted that poor access to safe and clean water is a major
concern in the villages that were visited by her team.

She said in some places, people share water drinking points with animals.


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