Over 280 goats distributed to farmers in Mambwe to boost Livestock farming in the district.

Government has distributed over 280 goats to boost Livestock farming in Mambwe District.
Eastern Province Agriculture Coordinator, Obvious Kabinda says the goats have been distributed to 144 beneficiaries in the district, following climate challenges, which have negatively affected crop farming in the Province.Dr. Kabinda says that with the adverse effect of climate change taking its toll on the farming community, Government is urging farmers to diversify into livestock as opposed to stick to crop farming.
He says that the decision by government to promote the goat pass-on initiative, where a farmer gets some domestic animals in rotation, is because income of farmers has negatively been affected.
Dr. Kabinda says goats are a source of income and encouraged small scale farmers to diversify from crop to livestock farming if they have to create wealth for themselves.
Meanwhile, Bee Keeping is another area farmers are encouraged to invest as a way to mitigate the effect of climate change.
Recently, the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock in the Province trained 30 people in Bee Keeping farming.

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