Over 28,000 grade nine pupils to sit for Computer Study exams.

Over 28,000 grade nine pupils in Eastern Province have registered to write this year’s Computer Study exams.

Eastern Province Education Officer Allan Lingambe has confirmed to Breeze News.

Dr. Lingambe says that 28,500 grade nine pupils have registered while only 900 did not register to sit for the exams.

He says that challenges in computers are what have resulted in the 900 pupils deciding not to write the exams.

Dr. Lingambe says that recently the Ministry of General Education held a meeting with head teachers, where it was agreed that any school, which has more than six computers should hold the exams.

He explained that there was so much excitement among pupils over computer studies and that this is why the ministry is making sure that those who registered write without being inconvenienced.

The provincial education officer reiterated that the Ministry of General Education does not expect to face similar challenges like those of last year, where lack of computers had pupils sitting for exams late into the night.

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