Over 3, 600 men circumcised during the month of August in the Eastern Province.

Over three thousand, six hundred men have undergone medical circumcision during the month of August in the Eastern Province.
Speaking during a press briefing, the Provincial Medical Officer, Dr. Kennedy Malama, was pleased to note that the 3,634 circumcised men exceeded the official target of 2000 males that was given to the province by the Ministry of Health.
Dr. Malama says that despite the provincial health office deciding to give themselves a higher target of 4 000 males, the Ministry was happy that it managed to record 91 per cent.
And Dr. Malama singled out Mambwe District for having performed well and tripling the target given by circumcising 454 men instead of 180.
Doctor Malama however, said that Katete District did not do too well.
He attributed this to challenges faced in supply of the materials needed for the medical procedure.
The targeted number of males in the province to be circumcised in 2013 is 38, 487.
So far, 12 491 males have undergone the procedure.

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