Over 3,000 e-voucher cards not activated in Katete district

Over three thousand e-voucher cards have not yet been activated in Katete district.

Katete District Commissioner, Joseph Duma Makukula, confirmed this to Breeze News.

Mr. Makukula attributed the delay in the activation of the cards to a lot of mistakes on the data for farmers.

He noted that in some instances, some cooperative leaders where deliberately giving force information, in trying to get more inputs by swindling their members.

Mr. Makukula said some cards with such false data, had to be destroyed.

However, Mr. Makukula says government engaged some agro dealers, who gave most of the affected farmers inputs on credit, with the view that they will get their money when government deposits the funds to activate the cards.

Meanwhile, Mr. Makukula disclosed that over 1,000 cards have still not been collected by their owners.

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