Over 3,000 farmers will not benefit from FISP in Chadiza district.

About 3,100 farmers in Chadiza district will not benefit from the government subsidized input support program.
This is due to the reduction in the number of maize packs allocated to the district this year.
Chadiza District Agricultural Coordinator, Kabange Masenga confirmed this in an interview with Breeze News in Chadiza.
Mr. Masenga says the district has been allocated 11,569 packs for maize this year compared to last year’s 14, 710 packs.
He says that the district has also been given 1,600 packs for farmers producing groundnuts and 700 packs for cotton farmers.
Mr. Masenga says the reduction in the allocation of these inputs will have a negative impact on farmers that will not benefit.
He indicated that there is nothing his office can do about the matter and urged farmers to utilize what they have been given wisely to produce good yield.
Mr. Masenga further explained that the system has not changed from last year’s system as each farmer 4 bags of fertilizer and one seed per pack in the maize category.
He warned that no cooperative should give farmers less than the recommended number of bags per pack.

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