Over 3,000 metric tonnes of maize distributed to hunger stricken areas in Eastern Province

The Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit, DMMU has distributed about 3, 194 metric tonnes of maize to hunger stricken areas in Eastern Province this year.

DMMU Regional Coordinator Ingribet Bondo confirmed this to Breeze News.

Mr. Bondo says Petauke district has received 500 metric tonnes of maize while Katete has received 413 metric tonnes.

Nyimba district has received 410 metric tonnes, Sinda 386 metric tonnes while Chipata has received 372 metric tonnes of maize.

He added that Mambwe district was given 367 metric tonnes with another 250 metric tonnes of maize currently being distributed in the same district.

He says Vubwi district has received 260 metric tonnes while Lundazi has received 250 metric tonnes

Mr. Bondo says Chadiza has received 186 metric tonnes.

He says the exercise is ongoing because the vulnerability assessment committee from Lusaka have already conducted an assessment and are yet to give their findings on how many people will be affected by hunger this year so that the department can help them.


Mr. Bondo says government is ready to assist people that will be affected by hunger adding that DMMU is working with the Ministry of Agriculture and Non-governmental organisations in assisting the affected people.

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