Over 60 cell phones confiscated from pupils at Chadiza Boarding School.

Chadiza Boarding Secondary School management has confiscated over 60 cell phones that were used illegally by pupils in the school.
Speaking during this year’s PTA, Parent Teachers Association AGM, Annual General Meeting, Head Teacher Rose Miyombo said the school does not allow the use of cell phones in the school.
Mrs. Miyombo urged parents to stop giving cell phones to their children when going to school.
She said that 95 per cent of phone use by pupils is wrong as most of them use phones to communicate with their boyfriends and girlfriends in and outside the school.
The head teacher said that all the confiscated cell phones will be auctioned and the money remitted to the school account.
And Mrs Miyombo revealed that the other big problem, which the school is facing regarding discipline, is beer drinking.
She said that some pupils especially boys drink beer carelessly adding that 17 pupils were sent on forced transfers this year due to indiscipline.
And commenting on the matter, District Education Standards Officer, Ben Ngoma said children must be disciplined in all aspects of their lives.
Mr Ngoma said that schools that have allowed the use of phones by pupils have struggled in obtaining good academic results because pupils spend a lot of time on the phone than studying.

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