Over 65,000 adults on free ARVs in Eastern Province

About 65,300 adults are currently accessing free ARV’s Anti-Retroviral drugs in Eastern Province.

This came to light during PDCC, Provincial Development Coordinating Committee meeting.

Eastern Province Disease Control Specialist, Dr. Jairos Mulambya says 5,016 children are currently on ARV’s in the province.

Dr. Mulambya says the HIV prevalence rate is at 9.3 percent in the province.

And Dr. Mulambya says the province has circumcised 4,300 males in the first quarter of 2016.

Meanwhile Dr. Mulambya says the Province is operating at 78 percent in terms of staffing levels as most health facilities have inadequate midwives and clinical officers.

He added that the province is still facing challenges in terms of disbursement of operational grants as they delay to be released.

And Dr. Mulambya says thirty two prefabricated health posts have been completed in Eastern Province out of 57 that are being constructed by Jaguar Overseas construction Company

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