Over 8,000 marketeers apply for presidential initiative fund in Chipata

Kapata market has received over 8,000 applications from marketeers for presidential initiative funds to boost their businesses.
Market Chairperson Richard Lunda told Breeze News that 8,114 marketeers have applied for the money.
Mr Lunda says the overwhelming number of applicants was drawn from all the markets in Chipata district.
He says Kapata market received application forms from rural markets which include Kaulembe, Mugubudu, Undi, Chipangali, Gonda, Giveway, and Mutenguleni.
Mr Lunda says Kapata and the Modern Market had 3,213 applicants whose stands have not yet been visited to certify what kind of business they are doing.
He says that the distribution of the funds will only be done after certification has been completed.
Despite the over 8,000 applications, only 3,200 marketeers in Chipata district are expected to benefit from the first phase of the initiative.
Mr Lunda however, says that since the initiative is a revolving fund, every marketeer, will eventually benefit.

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