Over 96,000 metric tonnes of fertilizer distributed countrywide by Nitrogen Chemicals of Zambia.

The Nitrogen Chemicals of Zambia NCZ has distributed over 96,000 metric tonnes of D-Compound and Urea countrywide as of January 16 this year.

Republican President, Michael Sata says that this represents 100 per cent of the contracted quantity of about 96, 320 metric tonnes.

According to a statement published on his Facebook page monitored by Breeze News, the head of state further says that as of 19 January 2014, Government had distributed 63 per cent of Urea fertilizer to farmers in various part of the country.

President Sata says that he has decided to give an update on FISP, Farmer Input Support Programme in response to numerous queries on the status of the programme.

And President Sata has acknowledge that the distribution of imported fertilizers to farmers for the 2013/2014 farming season has had some logistical challenges resulting in delays to distribute to the districts and some damages.

Government in 2013 allocated a total budget of 499 billion Kwacha towards FISP, to support 900,000 beneficiary farmers during the 2013/2014 farming season.

Meanwhile the head of state says government will in 2014 focus to continue the recapitalization of the NCZ and investing in the crop diversification programme.

He says that government will restructure FISP with the aim of providing inputs to small scale farmers on time and better targeting.

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