Over seven hundred women found with evidence of cancer of the cervix in Eastern Province.

Over seven hundred women have been found with evidence of cancer of the cervix since the cervical cancer screening exercise started in 2012 in Eastern Province.

Provincial Medical Officer, Dr. Kennedy Malama confirmed this to Breeze News.

Dr. Malama says that the seven hundred and fifty one cases are out of 14, 291 women who have been screened from Chipata General, St Francis Mission and Minga Mission Hospitals.

Dr. Malama says that out of the 751 women found with cancer evidence, 627 were treated using cyro-therapy, which is the freezing of the cancer in its early stage.

He further explained that 101 women were treated by cutting off some portions from the cervix where the cancer evidence was visible.

Dr. Malama added that 23 women had their spacemen taken to Lusaka for further tests to confirm if it was cancer because the evidence was little.

Dr. Malama expressed happiness that the majority of women who have been screened were found without any cervical cancer evidence.

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