Over two hundred and thirty crop fields destroyed by heavy rains in Mambwe district.

Two hundred and thirty-four crop fields have been destroyed by heavy rains in Mambwe District.

Mambwe District Commissioner, Janet Palukani has confirmed this to Breeze News.

Ms Palukani says that 150 fields in Msoro, 49 fields in Jumbe, and 35 crop fields in Nsefu area were all destroyed by the rains.

She says a report on the impact of the rains in Kakumbi area has not yet been submitted to her office.

Ms. Palukani however, says that the few reports that have been received will be submitted to DMMU, the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit.

And the district commissioner says that her office has already applied 20,000 bags of maize to help mitigate the hunger problem in the area.

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