Overgrown grass at St. Anne’s graveyard has worried some Chipata residents.

Some Chipata residents have expressed worry with overgrown grass at St. Anne’s graveyard.
People spoken to by Breeze News wondered what the local authority is doing for the graveyard to be left unattended to in such a state.
They say that the situation is a danger to human life, because some people take advantage of the overgrown grass to steal and scare mourners.
When contacted for a comment, Chipata Municipal Council Town Clerk, Ekan Chingangu says that casual workers engaged by the council are already on the ground slashing the grass but have not just reached the graveyard.
And Mr. Chingangu says that the council has asked Sable Construction Company to do some massive works on some tarred township roads because most roads in the district have developed potholes.
He says that colossal sums of money will be involved to work on 70 kilometres of the township roads.

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