Paramount Chief Gawa Undi has advised the Kazembe Royal family to avoid wrangles when choosing a successor.
Paramount Chief Undi has also urged the family to unite and forget their past differences.
The traditional leader was speaking through his representative at the burial of Chiftainess Kazembe who died on 28th March at her palace in Lundazi district.
He pointed out the need for the royal family to choose a chief according to the Chewa traditional norms and culture.
The traditional leader also stated that wrangles have the potential to hinder development in the area.
And government has described the late Chieftainess Kazembe of the Chewa people of Lundazi district as a dedicated and hardworking traditional leader.
Eastern Province Deputy Permanent Secretary, Zacharia Luhanga says that the late Kazembe will be remembered for her dedication service not only in Lundazi but Zambia as a whole.
Chieftainess Kazembe is survived by 9 children, 29 grandchildren and 12 great grandchildren.

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