Paramount Chief Mpezeni authorizes construction of a museum and cultural centre in Mchinji district.

Paramount Chief Mpezeni has authorized the construction of a museum and cultural centre in Mchinji district, Malawi.
The museum will be constructed at Fought Manning located within Mchinji town where Ngonis and the British fought during the war while the culture centre will be constructed in Kwa Zulu village.
Chief Mpezeni granted the permission following a request from the Ngoni people in Mchinji and the National Association of Small and Medium Enterprise NASEME.
The traditional leader who visited Fought Manning, which is less than one kilometre from the district administration building, observed that the area was a historic site.
Chief Mpezeni further indicated that he was impressed that Ngonis in Malawi had decided to preserve their history.
And NASEME National Coordinator, William Mwale explained to Paramount Chief Mpezeni, the history of the Ngoni behind Fought Manning.
Meanwhile speaking when he visited Kwa Zulu village, Chief Mpezeni expressed happiness with the decision to build a culture centre in the area.
Chief Mpezeni also took the opportunity to advise his subjects in Zululand to ensure that they follow tradition when picking the heir to Chief Zulu the Seventh, Zachariah Masala Jere who died recently.
He explained that according to tradition, Zachariah Masala Jere’s son Kenny Zwalitini Jere is supposed to take over the throne.

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