Paramount Chief Mpezeni calls for cooperation between Zambia and Malawi.

Paramount Chief Mpezeni has called for cooperation between Zambia and Malawi.
The traditional leader says that Zambians and Malawians should not allow the border to separate them because they are one people.
Chief Mpezeni was speaking in Mchinji district over the weekend where he had gone to visit at the invitation of National Association of Small and Medium Enterprise NASEME.
And Chief Mpezeni advised Ngonis in that country to respect and work with the Joyce Banda led government if they were to see development in the three Ngoni chiefdoms found in Mchinji district.
He emphasized that he was not interested in politicking but that it was important for traditional leaders to understand the need to work with the government of day.
And speaking during the same occasion, NASEME National Coordinator, William Mwale said that they had invited Paramount Chief Mpezeni to seek ideas on the factories, which they intend to set up in the three Ngoni chiefdoms in Mchinji.

Mr. Mwale told the paramount chief that the factories, which will be set up in Zulu, Nyoka and Mulonyeni would process cooking oil and peanut butter and also manufacture shoes and clothes.
He indicated that NASEME wants these factories to be set up in other Ngoni chiefdoms in Zambia, Mozambique and Tanzania.
Meanwhile Mchinji District Director of Administration, Pickford Manyungwa said that the Malawian government values the relationship that exists between Ngonis of Zambia and Malawi.

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