Paramount Chief Mpezeni condemns post-election violence

Paramount Chief Mpezeni of the Ngoni people has condemned the post-election violence in some parts of the country.

Speaking during a media briefing, Chief Mpezeni says that violence and destruction of property should not be entertained.

He explained that political violence reported in some parts of the country such as Southern Province, is inflicting fear in people.

Chief Mpezeni says it is sad that people originally from other regions, are being harassed, when Zambians have been peacefully living together for many years regardless of tribal differences.

He wondered why people would resort to destroying public property, when such developments are there to serve them, adding that it is easier to destroy, but difficult to build.

Chief Mpezeni also advised politicians not to incite violence among their supporters.

He explained that leaders are there because there are people to lead and that any leader, who incites violence, is not a good leader.

Chief Mpezeni observed that when violence breaks out, it is the poor, who suffer.

He explained that he has received several calls, especially from Monze and Namwala districts from people, who have been attacked on tribal lines.

Meanwhile, Paramount Chief Mpezeni says Eastern Province is likely to be hit by serious hunger because much of the maize has been exported to neighbouring countries.

Paramount Chief Mpezeni wondered how some maize being exported is able to pass through check points that have been put up by security wings.

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