Parents in Chadiza district have been cautioned against violating children’s’ rights.

Government has warned that it will punish parents who violate children’s’ rights.
Chadiza district commissioner, Paul Phiri says that government has observed that a lot of parents, especially fathers, are in the fore front in violating children’s rights in the district.
Breeze FM correspondent in Chadiza, Paul Adams Phiri, reports that the District Commissioner sounded the warning during the commemoration of the Human Rights day in Chadiza.
Mr. Phiri also cautioned that government will not allow perpetrators of Gender Based Violence, GBV, in Chadiza district to go unpunished.
However, Mr. Phiri said that the fight against GBV is being affected by the failure by victims to report cases to police and other relevant authorities.
He urged all women and children to change the attitude and start reporting GBV cases if the fight is to yield results.

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